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Prototyping is an iterative process that takes time. As well, one wrong calculation can cause the product that you’re manufacturing to fail. Hangar6’s sole purpose is – in their words – to ‘help you get your idea off the napkin and into the marketplace’ and being a partner in the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership helps them achieve this purpose.

Hangar6, a First Flight Venture Center program located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, is the region’s premier prototyping and design assistance space for technology-based companies. The organization is a subscription-based program that provides access to advanced equipment and design assistance. Hangar6 enables designing, building and modeling product prototypes using tools, such as 3D scanners, CO2 lasers, metal fiber lasers, CNC milling, 3D printers and more.

Hangar6 has all the equipment you’ll need for prototyping and prides itself on being a ‘DIY’ facility, but you aren’t on your own. They maintain personnel who help train and work directly with all members to guide you when needed and help ensure their project success.

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