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Day 1 Track Sessions

10:45–11:45 a.m.

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast: Building a Winning Culture with Your Team

Scott Kyles, Lead Content Specialist & Client Relationship Manager, Cibirix Digital Marketing
Jay Lara, COO, Carport Central and the American Building Network

“The employees must love the company before the customers ever will.” – Simon Sinek

Your company already has a culture; the question is, what kind of culture is it? There are some simple things you can do to be more intentional about creating and sustaining a more positive culture for your team. Doing so will positively impact the customer experience you’re able to provide, and will ultimately benefit your business.

In this session, we’ll explore why culture matters, and why choosing to create short, impactful, culture-focused huddles for your team is one of the best things you can do as a business leader. We’ll give a little background around WHY we started doing CULTURE MINUTES ourselves, and then we’ll show you some things we’ve done with our own team to instill a more positive culture and attitude. We’ll look at some examples of topics you might cover (including customer service, leadership, communication, & more), and then we’ll actually take part in a CULTURE MINUTE or two which you can take back and facilitate with your own team.

This session will be informative, interactive, practical, and FUN! Ain’t nobody got time for boring!

Learning Objectives: (Upon completion of this presentation, the attendee will be able to…)

  • Understand why culture really matters for business success.
  • Be more proactive about modeling the kind of culture you want your team to reflect.
  • Conduct some proactive team huddles for the purpose of growing your organizational culture.
  • Gain some examples of practical Culture Minutes you can take back and use with your own team.

Course Outline:

  • What is culture, and why is having the right culture crucial for the sustainable success of your business?
  • What can you do to help lead and model the right culture for your team?
  • How can you create and facilitate short, impactful, culture-focused huddles for your team?
  • We’ll finish by walking through and debriefing a Culture Minute or two that you can take back and use with your own team.
  • With whatever time remains in the 60-minute session, we can also do a bonus Q&A about successful tips for marketing your manufacturing business online, including social media tips!

Session Takeaways:

  • Culture matters. Learn about why having a healthy organizational culture is CRUCIAL to the sustainable success of your business.
  • Leaders lead. The winning culture you seek to create won’t happen unless you and your other leaders are intentional & consistent about modeling it to your employees.
  • Regular team huddles can help. Boost employee engagement through short, focused touchbases (CULTURE MINUTES), along with other team morale builders.
    • We’ll also walk through and debrief a CULTURE MINUTE or two that you can take back and use with your own team!

Scott Kyles is the Lead Content Specialist & Client Relationship Manager for Cibirix Digital Marketing in Mount Airy. Cibirix partners with companies across NC and around the world to help them attract more leads, engage more customers, and GROW their businesses. We’ve helped metal building manufacturers, metal building dealers, commercial playground providers, roofing contractors, home exterior service providers, business technology providers, and more – and we can help your B2B or B2C business, too! 

Scott has earned both APTD & CCXP certifications and holds both bachelor’s & master’s degrees from Wake Forest University. He brings decades of experience in producing engaging content, marketing, branding, training, coaching, customer experience, employee engagement, and building healthy cultures. Scott is a fan of hot sauces, is something of a weather nerd, and is better-than-average at ping pong. He lives in West Toast with his wife, two children, a dog, a chinchilla, and a bearded dragon.

Jay Lara is COO for both Carport Central and the American Building Network, both headquartered in Mount Airy. He has over 20 years of experience in the light gauge steel building & metal roofing industries and has been involved in every facet of the business, from engineering & design, to fabrication, to installation, to marketing, to business innovation & leadership. One of Jay’s current passions is helping both manufacturers and service providers bridge the gap from B2B to B2C. Jay lives in Mount Airy, NC, likes to travel, and enjoys driving a Tesla.

1:45–2:45 p.m.

Inclusion and Diversity in Manufacturing

Kevin Price, Senior Vice President, DHG
Alexis Bradford, Senior Corporate Counsel, JELD-WEN
Lynne Walker, Inclusion Strategist, Retired from First Horizon National Corporation
Scott Krull, Executive and Board Member, Retired from Ingersoll Rand

3:00–4:00 p.m.

What Does Resiliency Look Like in Your Supply Chain? Lessons Learned from COVID

Eric Henry, CEO and Founder of TS Designs,
Neal McTighe, Center Director, SBTDC,
Owen George, International Business Development Counselor, SBTDC

Manufacturers have experienced unprecedented strains in their supply chains because of the global COVID pandemic of 2020-21. Exactly how much of the negative impact could have been avoided had our supply chains been shortened, streamlined, and strengthened? Eric Henry, CEO and Founder of TS Designs, joins the NC SBTDC on stage to discuss how, as a tee shirt manufacturer in North Carolina, his “dirt to shirt” supply chain allowed for just that sort of resiliency throughout COVID, and beyond. While not a silver bullet, TS Designs had significant control over its supply chain during the pandemic, beginning in the dirt at the farm all the way through the finished product in the customers hands. At the same time TS Designs was leveraging its strengths, countless manufacturers world-wide suffered as they in contrast had little to no connection with their primary suppliers, no contracts in place to ensure product delivery or supply, and an over-dependence on the complex web of commodities and logistics, themselves pressured and suffering. While supply isn’t guaranteed to be born in your backyard, it’s worth looking at the ways companies can bring more tasks in house, strengthen contracts/relationships with suppliers, and find the paths of least resistance in order to hedge against the next natural or health disaster.

Day 2 Track Sessions

9:00-10:00 a.m.

10:30–11:30 a.m.

Keeping People Well and Working: Healthcare Access at the Point of Work

Danielle Lamphier, Vice President, Enterprise Employer Services, Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health

Brian Summerton, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Collins Aerospace

Leslie Ward, RN/Certified Nurse Health Coach, Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health

This session will highlight the benefits of bringing health care onsite for employees – dramatically increasing access to care and addressing acute needs.  Panelists will discuss how onsite care has been instrumental in reducing absenteeism, increasing employee engagement, and enhancing recruiting and retention, as well as COVID-19 mitigation. Featured company was able to stay fully operational during the height of COVID due to daily onsite screening of staff, has onsite Occupational Medicine Clinics at their two locations, and is in the process of starting an injury prevention program utilizing an athletic trainer.

Danielle Lamphier joined Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist in 2017 as AVP, Health and Wellness Shared Services, responsible for overseeing the business operations of BestHealth for Business, which delivers all direct-to-employer services, including onsite clinics, mobile nursing, wellness services, occupational medicine and executive health, on behalf of the health system. In November 2021, Danielle was named VP, Enterprise Employer Services, Atrium Health, where she leads an even broader team focused on Keeping People Well and Working across NC and SC. Prior to joining Atrium Health, Danielle held a number of consulting and leadership positions driving brand & corporate strategy and business optimization for dozens of companies and non-profit organizations across myriad industries. Danielle earned her undergraduate business degree from the University of Mount Union and her MBA from Wake Forest University.   

Leslie Ward is a Registered Nurse and a Nationally Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach, providing onsite health, wellness and COVID care for employees at two NASCAR teams. She has over 22 years of nursing and health coaching experience, and a background in pediatric care. Leslie joined the BestHealth For Business team in 2018 where she traveled to 20+ locations caring for employees with an automotive company, then shifted to support the launch of an onsite wellness and occupational medicine clinic at a new manufacturing facility during their construction phase, and is now currently working with NASCAR teams. Her overall focus is guiding and empowering patients to achieve their optimal health and wellbeing, ultimately to help keep employees healthy, happy and working. In her free time, Leslie enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading and volunteering in her community.

Brian Summerton joined Collins Aerospace (formerly B.E Aerospace) in 2016 as an Operational Excellence Manager, responsible for the process improvements for Main cabin and First-Class seating. In 2018 Brian went back in the safety field as an EHS manager for the WestPoint location, in 2019 was promoted to Sr EH&S Manager overseeing the 3 campuses, 3 EHS professionals, 1 Nurse and 1 Injury Specialist within Winston-Salem NC with approx. 3000 employees. Brian earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana State University in Industrial Health and Safety (94) and a Masters from Indian Wesleyan in Management (04).