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MFGCON 22 Limited Special Pricing

For you early decision-makers, we are offering a great discount for the first 100 manufacturers who register for MFGCON 22! Don’t miss out on a great deal to attend MFGCON on May 18-19

Record Setting Cyber Attacks in North Carolina

North Carolina scored on several record-setting events in 2021. Last year saw a record number of businesses created: over 178,000 new businesses! 2021 saw a record number of visitors to state parks: 22.8 million visitors! However, not all the state’s 2021 records are favorable.

Modern Textile Case Studies – Innovation and Technology in NC

What is a Case Study?  Case studies are used to examine real-world problems and solutions in daily business operations. From case studies, researchers, start-ups and founders can identify best practices, share strategies, and lessons learned within various industries...

Manufacturing Outlook for 2022 Webinar

Are you curious as to what 2022 has in store for manufacturing? With inflation, supply chain issues and workforce shortage continuing into the new year, manufacturers are more uncertain about their future than ever. Join us with Dr. Michael Walden for the Manufacturing Outlook for 2022 webinar. 

Toyota to bring 1,725-job car battery plant to North Carolina

Toyota will invest $1 billion and create 1,725 jobs in the first of what may be a two-phase project at the site. The second phase, if built, would bring a total investment of $3.4 billion and 3,875 jobs.  Nearly four years removed from its near-miss with a ToyotaMazda...

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