Continuous improvement is an organizational mindset that focuses on an ongoing effort to improve. There are a number of continuous improvement-type approaches that manufacturing organizations can adopt. Manufacturers that embrace an attitude of continuous improvement can be transformed into agile, more competitive, and more profitable businesses. NCMEP partners engage and evaluate manufacturers in order to provide custom solutions for continuous improvement.

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Quality Management Systems

Business Performance Excellence

Applied Industrial Engineering

Lean Manufacturing

Lean establishes a systematic approach to eliminating waste (non-value-added activities) and creating an efficient flow throughout the company. Through lean, companies are able to maximize customer value with fewer resources. NCMEP experts focus on helping companies complete successful projects that effectively apply lean training and coaching techniques to transform manufacturers into cost saving and efficient enterprises.

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Six Sigma

Combined with Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma offers companies the tools to make their processes nearly defect-free. A Six Sigma process means that in 1 million operations of a process, only 3.4 defects would occur. Six Sigma results in significant financial impacts, performance improvement and quality gains. NCMEP experts include Six Sigma methodologies in order to optimize custom solutions for optimal manufacturing performance.

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Quality Management Systems

ISO Quality Management standards are a proven way to differentiate a company in a crowded marketplace by communicating to supply chain partners a commitment to quality processes and products. Companies that adopt ISO standards or achieve certification also benefit from reduced cycle time and inventory as well as improved customer satisfaction. NCMEP staff includes experts in quality management systems implementation and training with extensive experience in ISO 9001 – General Industry, ISO/TS 16949 – Automotive, AS9100 – Aerospace, and ISO 13485 – Medical Devices.

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Business Performance Excellence

The Baldrige Criteria are being used today by manufacturers as a framework for organizational performance management, assessment, and excellence. They are used not only as an application for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award but as the way to run a business helping companies with a perspective that helps to optimize an entire system rather than focusing on pockets of processes. NCMEP helps organizations on their journey to excellence – customized to your level of organizational maturity. Projects include coaching, training, and journey milestones that ensure long-term sustainability and readiness to achieve state and national awards if desired.

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Applied Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering (IE) bridges the gap between management goals and operational performance. IE techniques including work measurement, facilities layout planning, and production simulations help solve complex problems requiring the integration of people, technologies, materials, and environments. NCMEP partners facilitate industrial engineering projects that leverage the applied research and expertise of faculty and students from the state’s three most prominent engineering universities.

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