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E-55: Holding Tough

FJORD was incorporated in North Carolina as a small business entity in 1997. The climbing protection manufacturer based in Burlington often operates under their US & EU registered* trade name – Chafe-Pro®. Fjord won the 2023 Coolest Thing Made in North Carolina Contest for the Small Business Category for their STREP, Static Rope Edge Protectors.
Phil Mintz, Michael Ratigan and Jasmine Krask discuss the history of Fjord, the importance of reliable climbing rope, the Coolest Thing Made in NC award and more.

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E-54: The Importance of Prototyping Spaces for Manufacturing

First Flight Venture Center Hangar 6: Emil Runge and Ben Provan
Located in Durham, NC, First Flight Venture Center Hangar 6 is an NCMEP partner that focuses on the entrepreneurial and startup space. Phil Mintz, Emil and Ben discuss the importance of prototyping labs, the state-of-the-art services and tools Hangar 6 provides and more.

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E-53: From Pharmaceuticals to Biotech: How North Carolina is Leading the Way in Biomanufacturing

Central Carolina Community College: Dr. Lisa Smelser
Pfizer: Tracy Schoolcraft
From Pharmaceuticals to Biotech: How North Carolina is Leading the Way in Biomanufacturing The Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) BioWork program trains students for a career with biomanufacturing organizations like Pfizer. Listen to Phil, Lisa and Tracy as they discuss the need for individuals trained in biomanufacturing careers, why the BioWork program is in place, what it takes to work at a biomanufacturing organization like Pfizer and more.

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E-52: Community Catalysts: Inside North Carolina’s Community College System

North Carolina Community College System: John Loyack
NCMEP Partner, North Carolina Community College System, brings accessible customized training for businesses and individuals to counties across North Carolina. Listen to Phil and John as they discuss how NCCCS aids in economic development, how North Carolina Community College caters to the current needs of the workforce and more.

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E-51: Brick by Brick

Triangle Brick: Christy Miceli
Triangle Brick is one of the country’s most highly automated brick manufacturers and has plants in Wadesboro and Moncure, North Carolina and Clay County, Texas. Listen to Phil and Christy as they discuss why brick is important, Christy’s journey to Triangle Brick, how Triangle Brick came to be and how bricks are made and more.

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E-50: Forging the Future

Bharat Forge: Casey Schaffer
The Sanford, North Carolina Bharat Forge facility continues to play a crucial role as the production of electric vehicles increases.
Listen to Phil and Casey as they discuss Casey’s journey to Bharat Forge, how Bharat Forge ended up in Sanford, North Carolina, how Bharat Forge is involved in the electric vehicle industry and more.

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E-49: From Idea to Reality

Stanza Machinery: Jack DeSarno
Stanza Machinery owner’s experience paved the way for a successful industrial finishing manufacturer.

Have you ever wondered how products get their shiny and durable finishes? The answer lies in the process of industrial finishing. From furniture to cars, industrial finishing plays a crucial role in enhancing the appearance and durability of various objects.

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