Manufacturing Competitiveness Review

Our no-cost one-day Competitiveness Review is the core of NCMEP’s business improvement services and the first step in our strategic, hands-on approach to help improve your company’s performance. The Competitiveness Review is a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your company’s operations that appraises capabilities and gauges the effectiveness of business systems.


There is no cost to you as a North Carolina manufacturer and it represents a $3,500 value

It reveals (or confirms) your limiting factors and provides a snapshot comparison to other companies

The assessment delivers a road map to improve competitiveness, performance, and your bottom line


Gain an understanding of your organization to identify limiting factors hindering your success


Measure your competitiveness versus other companies via a database-driven comparison


Isolate strategic and tactical business improvement services that boost performance

NCMEP Analyzes the Following Areas of Your Business


  • Business Planning
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Metrics


  • Process Improvement
  • Supplier Relations
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Innovation Engineering
  • Quality Systems


  • Recruitment & Separation

  • Engage & Reward
  • Development & Advancement



  • Profit
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental
  • Energy
  • Customer Relations

The Competitiveness Review process is deliberately “built for speed” to allow rapid intervention.

  • The Regional Manager’s one-day, on-site visit focuses attention on top priority technical and business challenges
  • Results are returned to you within 10–15 business days
  • A customized action plan is presented featuring strategies and solutions designed to improve productivity, quality, profits
    and sales

NCMEP’s Regional Manager’s get to know your company when performing the Competitiveness Review Assessment. This puts them in the unique position to make targeted recommendations and, if needed, link your company to resources that will not only provide the service or training needed but will be a good overall fit for your company’s culture.

Contact your local regional manager or call us at 800.227.0264 to schedule your review.

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