Category: Employee Spotlight

NCMEP Employee Spotlight: Anna Mangum

Anna serves as the NC State Industry Expansion Solutions regional manager for South-Central North Carolina. Anna has a diverse private and public industry background in which she has worked with manufacturers, healthcare and the government in support of economic development.

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Dr. Evelyn Brown

Dr. Evelyn Brown is the director of extension research and development for NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES). She leads research and development efforts and works to establish relationships with faculty whose research...

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Adrianne Kroll

Assistant Director of quality, Adrianne Kroll is an integral part of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership and NC State Industry Expansion Solutions team. Adrianne began her career in the defense industry...

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Steven Hughes

Steven Hughes knew what it meant to lead before joining NCMEP partner NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES), he was a Commander in the US Army and was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor for his combat actions in Iraq in...

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