To be innovative global competitors, U.S. manufacturers require an adaptable workforce with broad skills. Manufacturers with an efficient and effective workforce have reduced turnover, improved customer service, created more new product ideation and patents, shortened cycle times in problem-solving and decreased liability costs. NCMEP partners support the state’s mission to ensure a high-quality labor force for today’s advanced manufacturing and knowledge-based industries.

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Customized Industry Training


University Student Projects

Customized Industry Training

The state of North Carolina has a comprehensive commitment to ensuring the most knowledgeable workforce for its manufacturers statewide. Through established programs, companies can obtain assistance and funding support for certain worker training programs.

NCMEP partners leverage state contributions in order to provide the customized training so vital to the success and growth of industry. Manufacturers are able to describe their training and education needs so NCMEP can match directly with the appropriate set of project solutions.

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Instructional Design

Too often, important information gets lost in translation. Subject matter experts usually aren’t design and course development experts when it comes to creating complex lessons and course materials for different audiences. Instructional Design services can help enhance the design and delivery of courses, trainings and workshops.

NCMEP partners provide curriculum development and customized training program solutions to help address organizational learning goals.

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University Student Projects

Small manufacturers can often benefit through the work of university students. In addition to providing successful projects, students are able to get important experience in industry which better prepares them for careers as professionals in manufacturing.

NCMEP partners include the three leading engineering research universities in the state of North Carolina.  Each have strong programs to foster student engagement in industry. Start with a call to the partnership to explore how a student project could address your needs.

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