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NCMEP Supply Chain Program

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  1. Submit a form with details of your supply chain needs
  2. Our supply chain staff will follow up with you to identify suppliers
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  2. Monitor new business opportunities on the Supplier Scouting Opportunities webpage

Local and National Supply Chain + Supplier Matching Services

Through funding provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP) is providing supply chain sourcing opportunities and supplier matching services at no cost to North Carolina manufacturers. This program is being administered by NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions for the NCMEP network.

The objective of the program is to to expand existing capabilities to build a supply chain network that relies more on local and national suppliers to strengthen the U.S. manufacturing industry resilience.

Our supply chain experts will work with your organization to understand your supplier needs and match you with vendors who can meet your urgency to ensure you provide quality products on time to your customers.

When you submit a supply chain request, we will provide a list of suppliers that  match the specifications you provide. Manufacturers are strongly advised to exercise due diligence before entering agreements and are solely responsible for vetting and ensuring the quality and regulatory compliance of all goods/services transacted.

We can also match you with new opportunities to grow your business and become a vendor if you are registered on

The supply chain team publishes a weekly list of local and national supply chain needs requests  that provide North Carolina manufacturers opportunities to grow their business.Check out the Supplier Scouting Opportunities.

Benefits for North Carolina Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers can find new suppliers easily by  submitting a  request for supply chain needs by completing this form. Our supply chain staff will follow up with you to help  identify local and national suppliers that meet your criteria.
  • Dedicated supply chain staff to help you identify new supply chain solutions and help you find opportunities for new business.
  • Opportunities to grow North Carolina manufacturing business by participating in the supplier matching program. Simply register on
  • Open access 24/7  to the Manufactured in North Carolina database
Monitor for new supply chain opportunities through a published list of local and national requests for materials and products on our Supplier Scouting Opportunities webpage.