Author: Rich Sigfrit

E-50: Forging the Future

Bharat Forge: Casey Schaffer
The Sanford, North Carolina Bharat Forge facility continues to play a crucial role as the production of electric vehicles increases.
Listen to Phil and Casey as they discuss Casey’s journey to Bharat Forge, how Bharat Forge ended up in Sanford, North Carolina, how Bharat Forge is involved in the electric vehicle industry and more.

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E-49: From Idea to Reality

Stanza Machinery: Jack DeSarno
Stanza Machinery owner’s experience paved the way for a successful industrial finishing manufacturer.

Have you ever wondered how products get their shiny and durable finishes? The answer lies in the process of industrial finishing. From furniture to cars, industrial finishing plays a crucial role in enhancing the appearance and durability of various objects.

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E 46: Fostering Growth and Innovation

Manufacturing Solutions Center: Jeff Neuville
On this episode of Clocking In, Phil and Jeff discuss the Manufacturing Solutions Center Business Incubator, the new 75,000 sq foot MSC II building, services the Manufacturing Solutions Center provides and more.

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