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The Lee College of Engineering Industrial Solutions Laboratory provides cost-effective solutions to industry partners through state-of-the-art facilities, technical expertise, senior and graduate student educational projects and R&D and consulting with faculty.


We desire to partner with industry to develop capstone projects for our Engineering Senior Design Program that provide a real-world project experience for our students and a valuable work product for the industry partner


We value companies that desire to be part of the ecosystem that creates the next generation of engineering talent for our communities.



At UNC Charlotte, our mission is to graduate innovative, world-class engineers. But we can’t do it without you.

Industry partners are critical to our success and play an integral role in developing high-quality engineering graduates.

The Lee College of Engineering’s Senior Design Program brings students and industrial partners together in a collaborative research environment. As they tackle real-world engineering projects, the students and their industry supporters are afforded unlimited possibilities for learning and achievement. Our engineering and engineering technology students develop critical skills while working in multi-disciplinary teams tackling problems in electrical, computer, mechanical, systems and civil engineering technologies.

Students – Our bright, energetic, and objective engineers will prioritize your project throughout their senior year.

Teamwork – We encourage multidisciplinary project teams with a typical team of four to six students.

Mentorship – A faculty advisor for each team provides the right balance of instruction and coaching-enabling students to learn by doing.

Resources – Students can access state-of-the-art design and collaboration tools, multiple fabrication facilities and design labs.

Timing – Projects begin in both the fall and spring semesters. Teams devote a total of approximately 250 hours per student to their projects.

Coursework – Teams receive instructional support in relevant subject areas: project management, design principles, intellectual property, communication and meeting management.



  • Engineering Senior student design projects. (typical projects include design, test, manufacturing, logistics, research, etc)
  • The program is multi-disciplinary with electrical, computer, mechanical, systems, electrical engineering technology and mechanical Engineering technology students participating. See examples of recent projects we have started HERE.
  • Projects start in both fall and spring. See examples of completed projects HERE.
  • Students work on a project of choice from the industry partner.
  • Typical teams include 5 students working for two semesters on your project.
  • Semester one is the design semester and semester two is the implementation of that design.
  • Results of student efforts are given to the industry partner at the end of the second semester.
  • UNC Charlotte Engineering Senior Design Program. See the flyer HERE.


The Team

Jim Hartman

Jim Hartman
Director of Industrial Solutions Laboratory



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Jim Hartman / jim.hartman@charlotte.edu



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