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The state of North Carolina established the not-for-profit 501(c)6 Polymers Center of Excellence to advance knowledge, offer technical assistance, and create innovations in the plastics industry.


Increase Knowledge, Provide Support, and Assist Companies in the Plastics Industry


The Polymers Center was established to further knowledge, offer technical assistance, and help businesses in the plastics industry. We provide the chance to work with subject matter experts in a setting with the newest technology to enhance the performance of processes and products.



The Polymers Center in North Carolina was established to further knowledge, offer technical assistance, and help businesses in the plastics industry. We provide plastics companies with the chance to work with experts in the field in a unique setting with the finest technology to enhance the performance of products.
Customers can compound a resin, injection mold ASTM test specimen, characterize their material in our testing lab, simulate an injection molding process and attend polymer education seminars all in one facility.
If a company needs to know why their product isn’t working, what a resin’s physical characteristics are, or how to fix flow problems, all this can be learned with our testing services. If someone wants to expand their knowledge in polymer materials, design, injection molding, and extrusion, training courses at The Polymers Center can help. If a facility needs assistance with compounding and extrusion, we have everything needed to develop their materials. And, if injection molding problems need to be evaluated, we can conduct trials in our lab.


Company History

Late 1980s

The Polymers Extension Program (PEP) is organized and funded.

Mid 1990s

IES hires Robert L. van Brederode to lead the institution.

Oct. 1998

The Polymers Center of Excellence (PCE) is incorporated.


The Polymers Center moves to 8900 Research Dr.


Dennis L. Hayford becomes Executive Director.


The center is ISO9001:2000 certified.


21mm Lab compounder and 50mm Maxx Leistritz with Automatik pelletizer were purchased. PCE buys building and surrounding 20 acres, and begins renovation.


The Polymers Technology Center opens.


Philip S. Shoemaker, PhD becomesExecutive Director.


The center begins addition of facility to double the compounding area.



  • Analysis and Testing
    • Materials Analysis
    • New Product Development
    • Troubleshooting
  • Training Courses
    • Injection Molding
    • Extrusion
    • Compounding
    • Analysis and Training
  • Compounding
    • Lab and Full-Scale Production
    • Film and Sheet Extrusion
    • Plastic Masterbatch Processing and Extrusion
    • Custom Compounds
    • Product Development Trials
    • Low Shear and High Shear Blending
    • Reactive Extrusion
  • Injection Molding
    • Research and Development
    • Training
    • Process Development
    • Prototyping Custom Molds
    • Small Scale Production

The Team

Philip S. Shoemaker, PhD

Philip S. Shoemaker, PhD
Executive Director


Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy
Technical Associate


Doug DeSimone

Doug DeSimone
Operations Manager


Yiro Shimabukuro

Yiro Shimabukuro
Materials Chemist


Brandon Burnette

Brandon Burnette
Senior Extrusion Team Member


Andrew Yost

Andrew Yost
Injection Molding/Lab Technician


Matthew Rezin

Matthew Rezin
Project Engineer




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Phil Shoemaker / pshoemaker@polymers-center.org



What Customers are Saying

“Has been very great working with the center. They have been very helpful to our company throughout many phases and challenges; and it is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to future work.”
“With the Polymers Technology Center’s technical understanding, we were able to streamline the compounding process and gain efficiency in moving to a commercial scale.”
“The center provides testing and small-scale trial that is highly valuable for our company. We highly value their service and will continue the cooperation with PCE.”
“Polymers Center is a professional outfit with in-depth knowledge of the services’ capabilities. The staff is friendly and easy to work with and seem well aware that flexibility is important to customers.”
“The Polymers Technology Center did an excellent job in assisting our trials for new product development. We will continue to rely on their service and expertise to carry on R&D activities.”
“Everyone at the Polymer Center has been a pleasure to work with and have been very accommodating to our material development needs.”
“I commend The Polymers Center – their knowledge, experience and expertise are second to none.”
“It was great working with the staff at the Polymers Center. We were able to complete our research tasks due to their expertise and guidance.”
“You guys do a great job and I really enjoy working with you.”
“The team there is great. Very responsive and can advise on testing results. Very knowledgeable.”
“The response times are wonderful, and the knowledge base is priceless. We definitely look forward to more projects with PCE!”