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Voices of NC Manufacturing, your host Phil Mintz, Director of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP). We will be interviewing some of the manufacturers who have made North Carolina manufacturing the powerhouse it is today.

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E-04: Stepping Outside the Box

Package Craft: Bryon Murphy

Manufacturing packaging in the era of online shopping

Virtually every item we receive comes in a package… whether it’s a brand new computer, clothes you ordered online or food you bought last minute for dinner. Probably most of us put little or no thought into where the packaging is actually manufactured and how it’s made.

Package Craft, located in the sleepy town of Bethel, North Carolina, specializes in manufacturing packaging for various businesses and organizations locally and across the nation. Founded in the 1980s with the help of an economic grant from the town of Bethel, Package Craft has evolved over the years and extended its capabilities like: unique, custom boxes; pads; build-up blocks; die-cuts and partition assemblies.

On this episode of Clocking In: Voices of NC Manufacturing, we talk to Bryon Murphy, Controller at Package Craft since 2016. His career started as a Controller at an Aerospace organization in Wichita, Kansas where he worked for seven years.

When the organization moved to Kinston, NC, he moved with it. Byron grew up in Greenville, NC, went to East Carolina University and was elated to be back. He worked there for six more years before landing his current job at Package Craft.

In this episode, we discuss the growth of the packaging industry, Byron’s role in the organization, workforce retention strategy, how Package Craft can track the future fate of the local and national economy based on sales, and more.



Phil Mintz

Phil Mintz is the executive director of NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) and director of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP). At NCMEP, Phil drives outreach to NC manufacturers, builds relationships with federal and state leaders and coordinates efforts to drive profitable manufacturing growth in the state. He also leads the broader IES extension operations outreach unit of regional managers, technical specialists and business development leaders providing business engagement, assessment and improvement tools. This includes statewide peer networks, ISO 9000 quality management systems, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, environmental services, and health and safety solutions.

Byron Murphy

Byron Murphy has been the Controller and Senior Leader at Package Craft since 2016. Byron graduated from East Carolina University in 2008 with an MBA in Accounting. He worked in the Aerospace industry in Kansas for seven years. Bryon sits on the IES Advisory Board.