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Jeanne Taylor

Jeanne Taylor is the CEO of ShopBotTools. Jeanne’s Durham, NC boutique design and marketing firm Designing Solutions began working with ShopBot’s Sallye Coyle to produce signage and unique trade show displays for the studio’s clients in 2010. Seeing the ShopBot tools in action, Jeanne was not only intrigued by the tools and their capabilities, but she also became interested in the philosophy and culture of ShopBot Tools, something that Ted Hall had built and fostered right here in Durham. A graduate of SCAD, Jeanne – always one for enjoying the art of creating and making – found a good synergy in working with Ted and the team at ShopBot. In 2014, after working closely with ShopBot for three years as an outside consultant, Designing Solutions merged with ShopBot Tools to become its full-time strategy, marketing, design, and website development team. Named CEO in 2020, fully embracing ShopBot’s long-time ideology, Jeanne believes that customer success is ShopBot’s success. She is committed to providing customers with top-tier customer service and innovative products that help them achieve their goals. These beliefs, along with her continual building and cultivating of an internal, entrepreneurial-oriented team that is adaptive and collaborative, are what help ShopBot achieve its goal of delivering exceptional quality – one tool at a time.