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Voices of NC Manufacturing, your host Phil Mintz, Director of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP). We will be interviewing some of the manufacturers who have made North Carolina manufacturing the powerhouse it is today.

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NCMEP Partners

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Episode-Special 03a: Achieving Through Partnership

NCMEP Partners: Phil Shoemaker, Executive Director of the Polymers Center of Excellence (PCE) 

Get to know the partners that constitute the North Carolina Manufacturing Partnership.

Established in 1995, the North Carolina Manufacturing Partnership (NCMEP) is the official representative of the MEP Network in the State of North Carolina. The purpose of the partnership is to enhance the productivity, innovative capacity and technological performance of North Carolina based manufacturing firms.

Our mission, at NCMEP, is to help small and mid-sized manufacturers achieve their performance. Through combined resources and collaboration efforts, we provide solutions and services that help organizations all around our great state.

I got the chance to sit down with a few of NCMEP’s partners during this year’s mfgCON in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In this episode, I talked to Phil Shoemaker, Executive Director of the Polymers Center of Excellence (PCE).

On this episode of Clocking In, we delve into the purpose of these organizations, how they have helped and intend to help North Carolina manufacturers in the future and the changes that are going on within manufacturing.

Partner Interviews

Listen to my interviews with each of them here.