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Robotics/Automation News

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Automation Conversation (post-event write-up)
As a part of the work of TRACKS-CN, the first-ever Automation Conversation was held on September 22, 2021, at Spartanburg Community College (SCC), in Spartanburg, SC. The South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP) provided lunch for the 18 attendees. The purpose of the event was to help build awareness of the advanced manufacturing technology education and training programs offered by SCC. Primary attendees were manufacturers from the three county region served by SCC, as well as local workforce development program staff. After hearing from speakers representing SCC, TRACKS-CN, and SCMEP, the attendees were taken on a tour of the manufacturing technology labs at SCC.

You’re A What? Robotics Technician
Are you interested in learning more about being a robot technician? The Bureau of Labor Statistics sits down with a robot technician of an automotive components manufacturer to discuss what the role entails. Read the full interview here »

The Robotics Engineering Job Market: Expected Growth and Changes
With robotics and automation becoming more common in manufacturing, robotic engineers are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% increase in the robotics engineering job market by 2026.  Learn more about the future of robotics engineering »

Cybersecurity News

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Do you have a thorough understanding of your operation’s vulnerabilities?
According to “2021 Cybersecurity: Assess Your Risk,” a new report from PMMI Business Intelligence, the first and most important step a manufacturer can take to improve their cybersecurity is a clear understanding of how their operation’s vulnerabilities can be exploited. Learn about the two area of cybersecurity vulnerability in manufacturing »

Cybersecurity Job Market Remains Hot Despite COVID-19 Downturn
The cybersecurity job market remains steadfast amid the pandemic. According to the cybersecurity firm, CyberVists, there were over 300,000 new or continued cybersecurity job openings as of April 2020. Learn more about how COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for cybersecurity talent »

How Community Colleges Are Ramping Up Cybersecurity Programs
Community Colleges have acknowledged the talent gap in the cybersecurity industry and are working to fill it. To assist, the Association for Computing Machinery’s Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges has released a set of curriculum guidelines for community college cybersecurity programs. Learn about how community colleges are teaching the next generation of cybersecurity experts »

Cybersecurity Talent Crunch To Create 3.5 Million Unfilled Jobs Globally By 2021
Cybersecurity jobs are struggling to find talent to fill positions. According to the Cybersecurity Ventures’, it is predicted that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021, up from one million in 2014.  Learn more about the cybersecurity talent gap »

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