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Voices of NC Manufacturing, your host Phil Mintz, Director of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP). We will be interviewing some of the manufacturers who have made North Carolina manufacturing the powerhouse it is today.

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NC State’s Office of External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development

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E-11: The Job Manufacturer

NC State’s Office of External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development: Tom White

In this episode, we talk to someone whose mission it is to help create jobs for North Carolina.

Jobs are the foundation of any thriving economy. When people have jobs, they get paid. When they get paid, they spend money. When they spend money, it bolsters the economy. This is precisely why organizations like NC State’s Office of External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development (EAPED) are so vital.

EAPED is instrumental in positioning the university as one of the top public research universities in the state as well as across the country. Their strategic focus towards building and managing relationships and economic partnerships enhances local and global engagement, resulting in new jobs and investment for the state of North Carolina. The group works with a variety of internal and external constituencies to advocate for NC State in achieving its three-tiered mission of teaching, research and extension and engagement.

Specifically, the Economic Development Partnership works across the state to attract new businesses and industries to North Carolina. Director Tom White is instrumental in helping recruit companies to the state while providing real-world opportunities for students and faculty. During the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the group brought $1.35 billion in capital investment to North Carolina and helped create 5305 jobs.

In this interview, I sit down with Tom who has been in the commerce industry for over 30 years. Tom has been the director of NC State’s Economic Development Partnership since 2008. He’s previously worked as department of commerce, employment and training division and vice president and CEO of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce.

In this episode, Tom explains goals of the Economic Development Partnership, his role, how his mentors shaped who he is today and how the pandemic is affecting economic development in North Carolina.



Phil Mintz

Phil Mintz is the executive director of NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) and director of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP). At NCMEP, Phil drives outreach to NC manufacturers, builds relationships with federal and state leaders and coordinates efforts to drive profitable manufacturing growth in the state. He also leads the broader IES extension operations outreach unit of regional managers, technical specialists and business development leaders providing business engagement, assessment and improvement tools. This includes statewide peer networks, ISO 9000 quality management systems, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, environmental services, and health and safety solutions.

Tom White

Tom White has been the director of NC State University’s Economic Development Partnership since 2008. He has a long history of working in commerce, serving as director of the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Employment and Training Division and Vice President and CEO of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce. White graduated from Duke University with an English degree and later earned his Master’s degree in Public Affairs from North Carolina State University.

Tom White also serves on a variety of boards focused on economic development across North Carolina, including Coalition for Global Competitiveness; Kenan Fellows Advisory Council; Capital Area Workforce Development; UNC System Economic Transformation Council; NC Japan Center; LC Industries for the Blind; Triangle J Council of Governments; Wake County Economic Development; NC Defense Industry; Boundless Impact Community Development and the Institute for Emerging Issues.