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First Flight Venture Center Wins Three InBIA, International Business Innovation Association Awards For Excellence In Being An Entrepreneur Support Organization

First Flight Venture Center was recognized at the InBIA’s (International Business Innovation Association) 2023 ICBI37 (Int’l Conference on Business Incubation) in Detroit, MI for being an entrepreneur support organization with a proven track records of excellence and won three InBIA awards, including two Premiere Awards.

InBIA is a global non-profit with over 1,200 members that lead entrepreneurship support organizations in 30 countries. InBIA provides industry best practices through education while enabling collaboration, mentorship, peer-based learning, and the sharing of innovative ideas for entrepreneurs across the globe.

Krista Covey, President of First Flight Venture, said “I am honored and humbled to have the best team in the world with hearts to serve our NC innovators, entrepreneurs and our community. I am completely blown away with these awards. Thank you, InBIA, International Business Innovation Association. I’m so proud of the FFVC team!”

First Flight’s Three InBIA’s Awards Details:
Entrepreneurship Center of the Year Awards for Technology/Science
Entrepreneurship centers have the opportunity to apply for an award in the category that fits best. Our panel of judges will review each application, and the center that displays the highest level of excellence in each category will receive the award for that segment.

InBIA’s most prestigious awards honor member entrepreneurship center programs that exemplify the association’s principles and practices of successful business incubation and entrepreneurship center management. The winners of these awards will be chosen from the selected entrepreneurship centers of the year. InBIA staff will notify winners in advance and they must attend the ICBI37 conference to receive the awards as part of the event.

Premiere Award – Dinah Adkins (Plus $500)
The Dinah Adkins Award will be given to a mixed-use of sector-focused center. This includes entrepreneurship centers that serve a wide range of client types or serve clients primarily in a non-technology industries. These centers can include mixed-use, manufacturing, arts, service, kitchen, or other sector-focused, non-technology incubation programs.

Premiere Award – Randall M. Whaley (Plus $1,000)
The Randall M. Whaley Award will be given to a center that focuses on technology companies. These centers can include general technology, internet, biotechnology, communications, software design, information technology, environmental technology, and other types of technologies.

About First Flight Venture Center
First Flight Venture Center is a high-science, high-impact science-focused business incubator and innovation hub located in the heart of Research Triangle Park, NC. Established in 1991, First Flight has hosted more than 400 plus science-focused companies, providing strategic education, tailored resources, guidance, business connections, and office/lab space in a 25,000 sq.ft. facility. First Flight has launched businesses that have commercialized important new science breakthroughs and disruptive technologies while creating thousands of jobs in North Carolina. For more information, visit or view First Flight video.

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