January 31, 2024
Contact: Jeff Neuville
828.327.7000, ext. 4102
The Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) at Catawba Valley Community College is part of a group of textile and educational organizations which have been recognized by the U.S. National Science Foundation and selected as a Regional Innovation Engine. The “North Carolina Textile Innovation and Sustainability Engine” (NCTISE) will bolster sustainability in the textile sector throughout North Carolina, upstate South Carolina, eastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia. The Industrial Commons in Morganton, NC serves as the lead partner for the Engine.
The Engine will advance the nation’s capacity for innovation in textiles with a focus on environmental sustainability and circularity, positioning the engine as a global leader in the sector. Through research and development, translation of innovation to impact, and workforce development efforts, the Engine aims to disrupt the $96 billion textile industry.
The award will officially begin in March 2024. The Engines program commits funding for the first two years of up to $15 million with the possibility of an additional $145 million over the remaining three to 10 years of the program. The Engine and its partners will be expected to leverage NSF’s investment to spur additional private and public investments into the Engine and its activities.
In addition to the MSC and The Industrial Commons, core partners include the Gaston College Textile Technology Center, NC State University’s Wilson College of Textiles, and Western Piedmont Community College. The Engine’s Leadership Team also includes the NC Department of Commerce Office of Science Technology and Innovation, NC IDEA and RTI (Research Triangle Institute). RTI will lead the Engine’s evaluation efforts.
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