Have you found yourself asking these or similar questions?

  • Why does third shift’s production drop every night?
  • How long has this piece of equipment been running too hot?
  • Why can’t we predict when machinery will need maintenance before it fails?
  • I have all this production data, but what does it mean?

Smart Manufacturing can provide the answer.

What is “smart manufacturing?”

When we talk about smart manufacturing, we’re talking about using the data you may already be collecting. If you use equipment sensors, for example, that measure vibration, temperature, speed or pressure on your plant floor, then you may already be on the way to smart manufacturing.

Then, you’ll need to ensure all of that collected data works for you. It’s impossible for human beings to make sense of “big data”—there’s just too much of it. But data analytics software can help you put all of your data to work, by recognizing patterns and predicting events.

Smart manufacturing means fixing problems in real time, too. If conditions change unexpectedly or a failure arises, you know immediately—not hours later, after countless defective products have been made.

Here’s the bottom line: Smart manufacturing gives you superior control over all your processes.

It sounds risky. Technology is always changing!

Right—that’s exactly why you should build a solid foundation for the adoption of future technologies now. As technologies multiply and become much more advanced and more commonplace, you’ll be well-positioned to take advantage of all the benefits they’ll offer you and your customers.
Plus, more and more manufacturers are embracing Smart Manufacturing, making it a competitive advantage as they realize cost savings, improved quality and increased production.

I’m just not sure if we’re ready. Can you help?

Yes! Our engineers can conduct a FREE readiness assessment at no cost to your company. We’ll use an assessment tool to give you a score that determines how close you are to being able to start implementing smart manufacturing and let you know possible next steps as you continue to head towards SMART.


Let our experts help you get ready for Smart Manufacturing

Listen to the webinar for more information. To learn more, please contact Dr. Evelyn Brown, Director, Extension Research and Development, NC State Industry Expansion Solutions, 919-515-9559.