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Industry Expansion Solutions – NC State University | https://www.ies.ncsu.edu/

As the statewide extension service of NC State’s College of Engineering, Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) partners with North Carolina industry to catalyze the transfer of knowledge and technology in support of economic development. IES supplies North Carolina businesses with the tools and services they need to help increase productivity, efficiency, quality and profit. IES also serves as the administrator for the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP) Center, the official representative of the MEP National Network™ and NIST MEP in North Carolina.


Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics – NC State University | https://www.camal.ncsu.edu/

Provides fabrication and prototyping services to NC State internal projects and external customers. They use polymer and metal-based additive technologies to work on fabrication projects. CAMAL has an industry consortium, which is membership based, but provides access to facilities and expertise if you are interested in exploring the world of additive manufacturing for your production needs.


Industrial and Systems Engineering Services – NC A&T University | http://ncmep.ncat.edu/

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University is well known for its innovative research, transformational teaching and learning and impactful community engagement. The department completes projects with local industry around topics including process improvement, ergonomics, in-plant logistics and layout. The ISE department has a long-standing capstone senior design project requirement for all BSISE students, plus graduate student project requirements. Industry benefits by stimulating new thinking as students deliver results they can be rolled out into their organizations.


Materials Test Center – Gateway Research Park | https://gatewayresearchpark.com/pages/Materials_Test_Center

GMTC is a program of the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nano-engineering of North Carolina A&T State University and University of North Carolina at Greensboro (JSNN) and administered by Gateway University Research Park. GMTC offers a wide range of materials testing, specializing in composites. GMTC is ISO 17025 accredited and offers the following services: Static Testing at elevated and sub-ambient temperatures, Impact Testing, Dynamic Testing, Textile Testing, Conditioning, Machining, SEM, TEM and Helium Ion Microscopy imaging, Raman Confocal analysis, and Chemical Analysis.


Nonwovens Institute @ NC State University | https://thenonwovensinstitute.com/

The world’s first accredited academic program for the interdisciplinary field of engineered fabrics. The institute is a global partnership between industry, government, and academia. The Nonwovens Institute engages experts from industry and higher education in building next-generation nonwoven applications through their “Open Innovation” platform, while also providing training and guidance to the field’s future leaders.


North Carolina Award for Excellence (NCAfE) | https://www.ies.ncsu.edu/ncafe/

NCAfE is the top North Carolina state recognition award presented to an organization that has demonstrated the highest level of performance excellence by applying the principles of the Baldrige Excellence Framework.


Polymers Testing, Processing, and Training – Polymers Center of Excellence | https://polymers-center.org/

The Polymers Center of Excellence provides polymer testing, polymer processing and workforce training to increase knowledge within emerging technologies in the plastics industry. It has the rare combination of equipment and expertise to analyze, troubleshoot and make recommendations. It offers engineering and testing capabilities, plastics compounding and workforce training for extrusion and injection molding. Its sister company, the Polymers Technology Center, can help companies with custom compounding needs and the development of new products and specialty compounds and researching new resin and additive combinations.


Product Innovation and Testing Services – Manufacturing Solutions Center | https://www.manufacturingsolutionscenter.org/

The Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) is a business accelerator for product innovation and testing. It provides new and existing companies with low cost testing, research and development, where resources are shared and capabilities are inventoried to aid companies. MSC helps manufacturers increase sales, improve quality and efficiency to create or retain jobs. This is accomplished by enhancing and improving products through R&D; assisting in creating prototypes for new, innovative offerings; analyzing new materials to enhance structure and programs and testing products for reliable content and quality.


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