What do you think defines coolness? Is it being on trend or having something unique? Maybe it’s a business’s ability to express itself through invention that resonates with others. Or maybe it’s a business taking something that is already popular and adding an innovative twist to make it more accessible and effective. Whatever it is, there are many organizations in North Carolina making “cool” things. That’s why the Coolest Thing Made in North Carolina contest is held to determine which one of these products takes the “coolness” crown.

The Coolest Thing Made in North Carolina is a contest facilitated by the North Carolina Chamber to promote the state’s unique brand and highlight the thousands of jobs supported by the manufacturing sector. The goal is to increase awareness of the importance of manufacturing to the economy while promoting job opportunities in the state.

We are excited to announce that nominations for the “Coolest Thing Made in NC” contest are now open. This statewide contest invites the public to nominate and select the coolest product manufactured in North Carolina.

Nominations will be accepted until August 19. The field of nominees will be announced on August 25, at which point live voting begins.

New: In response to feedback, this year’s contest will recognize two winners: one for businesses with fewer than 100 employees, and one for businesses with 100+ employees. Voting for both categories will occur on the same website, with the top vote-getters in each category moving to subsequent rounds of competition.

Remember that any product manufactured in North Carolina is eligible for this contest. Company headquarters do not have to be located in North Carolina. You may submit your nomination on the contest website.


Nominate a Product