MFG Day is also an opportunity for manufacturers to host an open house and networking event to showcase products and processes for the local community members, elected officials, and industry leaders.

Event Guidelines

  • May be in-person or virtual
  • Must consist of a tour of a manufacturing facility, office, innovation center or other manufacturing-related site
  • May be a creative student-invite type of event at a manufacturing or manufacturing-supporting site (e.g., design office, software company)
  • May be a school event about manufacturing; manufacturing-related jobs fair; manufacturing-related career day event; or manufacturing product expo or similar event
  • Must be open to students, parents and/or educators

Event Ideas

Plant Tours

Plant tours form the backbone of MFG Day. By opening doors to the community and showcasing operations, manufacturers can generate enthusiasm for their company and the manufacturing industry, as well as provide methods for future involvement from their visitors. 

Community Events and Expos 

Groups of local manufacturers can work together to expose visitors to a range of manufacturing work environments available in a single community. Small groups within a single industrial park can pool resources and offer successive plant tours at each of their facilities. Manufacturers from within the same community can also come together in an expo format away from their shops, providing displays, hands-on activities, demonstrations, information booths, etc. These events can often be organized by community groups, such as the local chamber of commerce or manufacturing association.

Educational Fairs 

Community and technical colleges can be excellent venues for MFG Day events. Working with local manufacturers to plan career fair-style happenings can be a great way for high schools and technical colleges to inform their students about careers in manufacturing. You can also use these opportunities to share information about your company with a wider audience of students and parents. 

Job Fairs 

Job fairs are organized in dozens of cities by companies in the temporary placement industry. Often these will take place at a manufacturing employer, but they can also take place at the offices of the placement firm with several representative employers participating. 


Celebrations are an easy way to kick off MFG Day and to show your support for the manufacturing community. Often organized and sponsored by local chambers of commerce, local manufacturing associations or companies that do business with manufacturers, celebrations are low-lift events that could be as simple as hosting a breakfast or lunch in support of your local manufacturing community.


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