Special Agent Brian Cyprian of the Federal Bureau of Investigation will kick off mfgCON 2017 with a keynote titled “Cyber Threats and Trends.” Agent Cyprian’s presentation will begin at 9 AM on Sept. 19, 2017, at Winston-Salem’s Benton Convention Center.

When a small business is hit with a cyber attack, it faces average costs of $38,000, including downtime, lost business, and costs associated with hiring experts to repair the damage and secure your assets. In the worst cases, there might also be lawyers’ fees, ransom fees and retainers for public relations consultants. Small businesses, including manufacturers, are frequently targeted by cyber criminals; in fact, forty-three percent of all cyberattacks target small businesses.

Agent Cyprian’s keynote will help attendees figure out where to start in developing a cybersecurity plan and recovery strategy. Cyprian will discuss the types of threats and attacks that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeing nationally, as well as statistics that are specific to North Carolina. Attendees of the conference will learn how to protect themselves and their companies from cyber attacks, and how to report cyber threats to the FBI.

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