Adrianne Kroll.jpgAssistant Director of quality, Adrianne Kroll is an integral part of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership and NC State Industry Expansion Solutions team. Adrianne began her career in the defense industry supporting Navy nuclear aircraft carrier and submarine design and construction as a systems engineer. She also supported the US Military as an analyst for the United States Joint Forces Command. She has led various cross-functional teams, with employees on all levels including upper management, in documenting processes, identifying waste, and brainstorming improvements in the areas of customer support, information technology, engineering, and supply chain management.

Since joining IES, Adrianne says her proudest moment was when she went to Washington D.C for Hill Day in March 2020 to represent the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership and advocate for the MEP program, “We arrived in Washington DC the same day COVID-19 arrived in DC! But, it was a great experience and I really appreciated the opportunity to see how important the MEP program is for manufacturing across the country.”

Adrianne has helped companies implement metrics to track on-time delivery and customer satisfaction and has experience in systems & industrial engineering, risk management, requirements management, configuration & change management, and business process improvement. She has a B.S. in electrical engineering technology, an M.S. in systems engineering, and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. In her free time, Adrianne likes to spend time with her husband and kids, exercise and learn about investing.

Contact her at for more information on how IES can help you.