RALEIGH, NC — Due to the projected severity of Hurricane Florence’s effects in North Carolina, the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP) has prepared some documents related to emergency preparedness for businesses.

When business is disrupted, it can cost money. Lost revenues, plus extra expenses, means reduced profits.


Business Disaster Preparedness Planning
While there is no substitute for a comprehensive preparedness program, these are general guidelines to help mitigate loss in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Emergency Flood Planning
Floods are among the most common and widespread of all disasters, and they continue to grow in frequency and severity. These are general guidelines to help mitigate loss in the event of unexpected flooding.

Recovery of Water-Damaged, Paper-Based Materials
General guidelines for recovery of water-damaged, paper-based materials.

Data / Computer Recovery Guidelines
General guidelines for restoring computer operations following certain types of disasters. Please note these guidelines will not fit every type of disaster or every organization and that you may need to seek outside help to recover and restore your operations.