The United States Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) Technical Experimentation Event is coming to North Carolina. The technical event is a unique opportunity for developers to demonstrate their technology and gain insight/perspective in a collaborative environment. This event is held four times a year to identify potential technology solutions, impacts, limitations, and utilities in private businesses to meet special operational forces (SOF) technical objectives. The event is being held in Red Springs, North Carolina at the Emerging Technology Institute (ETI) on June 6-10th.

ETI specializes in helping its clients transform their vision into comprehensive services, solutions, and technology. Its mission is to integrate emerging technology into local, state, and federal agencies by fostering innovation through collaborative partnerships with industry and academia. As well as continue to contribute to the development and growth of Robeson County, North Carolina. Their markets include the Department of Defense, NASA, academic institutions, nonprofits and more.

James Freeman, the president of ETI, says he’s looking forward to hosting the event. “If you’re a business owner and an economic developer by heart, like me, then you know this is a big opportunity. It’s considered the “Super Bowl” of getting your technology in front of the government.” Freeman continues, “ I encourage any business owner who feels like they have something to contribute to submit a nomination. If your nomination is expected, you’ll be able to present your work to the people in the government who make the decisions and fund projects.”

Freeman has a message for those business owners who may feel like they aren’t ready to submit their work for consideration. “There might be someone that wants to submit but they feel like they’re not ready, and they need to know that it’s not about being 100% ready; it’s about building a relationship and keeping the communication going. They understand they may not be looking at technologies that are ready and they’ll put you in a program or a process to help you get ready.”

When asked what he was most excited about regarding the Freeman said, “I’m excited that it’s happening in North Carolina and I’m excited that it’s an opportunity for North Carolina businesses and other businesses in the Southeast to be represented.”

All nominations must be submitted by 12:00 p.m March 18th, 2022. After review of the technical experimentation nomination submissions, the Government may invite select candidates to demonstrate their technologies at the USSOCOM sponsored TE event.

These nominations shall be submitted electronically by creating a Scout Card at https: by the deadline. A complete submission consists of:

  • Creating a Scout Card in the Vulcan system.
  • Completed supplemental sheet attached to the Scout Card.
  • Devices with radiofrequency emissions must state the intended frequency used by the device.
  • An FCC STA, Experimental License, or NTIA document.
  • Instructions on how to safely use the technology.
  • A picture of the device with a short description if applicable.
  • A signed photo release.

For more information, contact or 813-826-4646.

FAQ About Event and Submission Process