Supplier Enhancement

Supplier Enhancement


The competitiveness of an individual manufacturer is greatly impacted by its supply base and its strategy for dealing with it in addition to its ability to meet the needs of customers as a high performing vendor. Manufacturers that look only at supplier capability, price, and service are missing an opportunity for competitive advantage through collaboration, integrated information systems, and risk management. Organizations who are developing suppliers or seeking to become an effective vendor to their customers can leverage the NCMEP network for supplier development solutions along with connecting and benchmarking opportunities.



The Manufactured in North Carolina initiative encourages our manufacturers to develop and grow their supply chain optimizing use of the many successful local suppliers within the state.  Manufacturers can register on the MNC website to make themselves visible to potential commerce networks and also receive additional “concierge type” support from NCMEP in order to help with matching procurement needs to solutions.

MNC also serves as an engagement vehicle for the mfgNC Connections Network.  Join MNC by connecting here.



Successful manufacturers in today’s market recognize the tremendous value of learning from peers in their industry. Whether it is executives discussing human resources issues, professionals engaging in productivity improvement events, or individuals connecting to an online best practice conversation; peer to peer sharing stimulates the immediate application of relevant ideas among participants.

NCMEP is building a comprehensive manufacturing peer to peer sharing system through the MNC Network. Members of the manufacturing network have continuous access to sharing events within their local area as well as activities across the state. Learn how to join and contribute to the network by contacting NCMEP.



If you are ready to develop a more comprehensive strategy for managing your supply chain,  NCMEP can help you through techniques developed by our national partners at NIST for the MEP Supply Chain Optimization program.

NCMEP also helps build our state’s supply chain through local facilitation of the national Supplier Scouting program which connects relevant suppliers to OEMs and government agencies struggling to meet specific criteria for specialized procurement.


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