Business Growth and Innovation

Business Growth and Innovation


In order to ensure continued job creation and investment, manufacturers must grow profitably. Companies must consider many factors related to expansion. Global markets provide opportunities often unknown to SMEs. It is clear in today’s business environment that innovation is the primary driver of growth for individual companies and the economy as a whole. NCMEP partners work with manufacturers who are ready to grow or seeking ways to implement existing growth plans through effective applications.


With one of the largest economic development networks in the nation, North Carolina is dedicated to providing companies the assistance and resources necessary to address their unique business needs. The state has a long-term commitment to job growth and retention. As a result, manufacturers can get the direct support of their growth plans through various programs.

The NCMEP economic development team offers comprehensive manufacturing facility location and state incentive services from initial contact, through site location to future growth and expansion. In essence, we deliver confidential, thorough and professional assistance for a company’s relocation and expansion needs.


Too often, important information gets lost in translation. Subject matter experts usually aren’t design and course development experts when it comes to creating complex lessons and course materials for different audiences. Instructional Design services can help enhance the design and delivery of courses, trainings and workshops.

NCMEP partners provide curriculum development and customized training program solutions to help address organizational learning goals.


A recent university study found that businesses with a primary strategy of innovation have double the profit margin of those with a primary strategy of low cost. Innovation management allows manufacturers to expand out of commodity markets and sell unique products on value.

NCMEP can help companies by teaching advanced methods for generating fresh ideas for innovative new products and creating profitable products and services. Additionally, we can help companies identify critical new technologies, processes, materials or capabilities to enable the development of ideas.


Getting a new product all the way to market can be a daunting task for manufacturers without the proper experience and discipline. As the drive for innovation with its continuous pipeline of new design ideas evolves, so can the proliferation of inefficiencies and costs. Small and mid-size manufacturers can be at special risk with their investment capital constraints.

NCMEP maintains staff engineers and unique partnerships with development and testing labs in industries critical to the state including plastics, textiles, and furniture. SMEs have access to the engineers and technicians at the time of need reducing the amount of underutilized infrastructure.


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