The manufacturing industry has been the backbone of North Carolina’s economy since the 1880’s.

A state that started as a textile industry giant has spread its roots into numerous manufacturing industries. Today, manufacturers in North Carolina account for 18.31% of the total output in the state, employing 10.36% of the workforce. Our state ranks 1st in the Southeast and in the top 5 in the country for manufacturing. From food to clothes and performance fibers to household appliances and motor vehicles to recreational “must-haves”, there are so many amazing products made in North Carolina. With $101.6 billion dollars in manufacturing output in 2019, the North Carolina manufacturing force is growing more diverse every day. 

To celebrate the excellence of North Carolina manufacturing and all the North Carolina products born out of creativity and innovation, the NC Chamber hosts the annual Coolest Thing Made in NC Contest. This year there are 68 nominees competing for the honor to be named the coolest product in North Carolina. 

Now it’s on you to vote on who will make it to the top 15 semifinals. 

You may vote for your favorite product once per day, per valid email address, until Tuesday, August 31. The top 15 semi-finalists will be announced Thursday, September 2, live on the NC Chamber YouTube channel. Happy voting!

The company that manufactures the winning product will receive:

  • The Coolest Thing Made in NC trophy
  • The official “Coolest Thing Made in NC” winner badge to be placed on company website
  • Recognition and profile on The Coolest Thing Made in NC website
  • Coordinated media outreach promoting your win
  • An exclusive “Behind the Business” profile sent to thousands of NC Chamber readers
  • Recognition in Business North Carolina magazine
  • An exclusive profile in the NC Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s newsletter
  • An invitation to participate in the NC Chamber’s podcast series
  • An invitation to participate in the NC Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s Podcast, “Clocking In”
  • An invitation to participate in Business North Carolina’s podcast
  • An exclusive meeting with the NC Chamber President and CEO to discuss business priorities

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