Each quarter an average of 40 NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) clients can provide IES and our national partner (MEP) wonderful, lasting stories about the improvements made through their collaboration with IES in projects and programs delivered.

IES knows that these improvements impact companies, local communities and the broader state economy. In the most recent three years, NCMEP manufacturing clients have reported over $4 Billion in economic impact through projects with NCMEP partners. (654 clients in 84 NC counties)

  • Reported Sales and Savings – $1.3 Billion in:
    • Increased Sales
    • Retention of Sales
    • Cost Savings
  • Reported Investments – $2.7 Billion in:
    • New Products or Processes
    • Plant or Equipment Investment
    • Information Systems Investment
    • Workforce Practices Investment
    • Savings on Investments

We ask clients to self-report accumulated impacts of cost savings, new investments, new or retained sales and new or retained employment from activities or projects completed with IES in the last year through a third-party survey. The 15-question client survey asks clients about the challenges they face, their rating of recommendation IES to their peers (net promoter score), and the financial impacts they have achieved. 

The survey responses show that client success is at the heart of what makes IES different. Our goal is to focus on the results clients achieve through our work together. The remarkable performance of these companies, through our collaboration, will attract more manufacturers to our state who can create and retain more jobs, improve the livelihood of their communities, and continue to contribute to our state’s economy.

Below are a few things to be aware of regarding the survey process:

  • Manufacturers will only need to complete one survey per year.
  • One month before the survey period, your Regional Manager will be in touch to verify the appropriate contact and share more information about the survey process and your past reporting.
  • On the first day of the survey period, the contact receives a unique survey link via email from: support@mepclientsurvey.com.
  • Only one survey response is allowed by each company.
  • Clients should consider the totality of the impacts they have achieved in working with IES and how those impacts have cumulatively been expressed in the last twelve months in results.

Your voice is critical to us at IES. Please make sure you are counted and included in the yearly Client Reported Impacts so we can show the excellent manufacturing being done each day in the “Old North State” of North Carolina.